January 7th, 2008

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Bar-tailed Godwit "E7" continues to break records.

While working at Broome Bird Observatory, our main focus was migratory waders. The birds at Broome fly from Siberia to Australia and back every year. I also learned that the godwits that fly to the eastern side of the country and New Zealand potentially have the longest single leg migration of any animal in the world - flying from Alaska, across the Pacific, to New Zealand..

E7 proved the speculations were correct.

I'm hoping to get to Broome again in April, so I can farewell these magnificent birds as they form flocks 20,000 strong and wing their way to Siberia.

My boss holding a bar-tailed godwit.

Garbage Islands

Believe it or not, in Japan's Tokyo Bay, there are being made large garbage islands with airports and skyscrapers on them! AND in the Pacific Ocean there is a floating garbage island that's twice the size of Texas!

Garbage Islands with Airport

These photos show the construction of the giant artificial island using garbage in Tokyo for an airport.

artificial islands construction

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Fen Gryphon

The Vadoma Tribe in Zimbabwe, People with Ostrich Feet.

http://www.ourstrangeworld.net/?p=7985 :
They are the Vadoma, or two-toed tribe, and they provide an unmatched example of genetic effects in a small population, for they have the condition known as ectrodactyly in which the middle three toes are absent. (...) The condition in the Vadoma is caused by a mutation of chromosome number seven. What they tell us is that a dominantly inherited genetic mutation survives when it has beneficial effects - the tribe’s deformed feet may help with tree climbing.

Video here: http://wtfwear.blogspot.com/2007/04/entire-population-of-people-with.html

Thanks to chimerabred for this WTF pearl.