January 4th, 2008

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Tree Attacks Cow in India

"In recent news, a cowherd from a village east of Mangalore (or Mangaluru) saw a tree grab and lift a cow with its branches. Understandibly terrified, the cowherd ran for help. Fellow villagers beat on the tree branches and rescued the cow.

A regional forest officer, who has fielded a number of complaints about cows returning home at night without their tails, described the tree as ‘pili mara’, or tiger tree."

Таблетка жувачная

3 beautiful and bizarre natural phenomena

1. the spotted lake

the spotted lake (kliluk), situated in osoyoos, canada, contains one of the highest concentrations of minerals in the world (mainly epsom salts, calcium and sodium sulphates). the lake’s healing waters were used by native indians to alleviate aches and pains and during the first world war the salts were skimmed from the surface in huge amounts to be transported to eastern american munitions factories - sometimes as much as a ton per day.

the pattern you see below appears during hot sunny days as the water evaporates and the minerals crystallize to form hundreds of incredible yellow pools.

photo credit: liembo

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New Madrid Seismic Zone

Missouri, in the United States. Home to farming, the wonder that is St. Louis, the joining of a number of rivers to the mighty Mississippi River, full of farmland and happy people.

The last place you'd expect to be a hotbed of earthquakes.

Much less to be the site of the strongest earthquake ever felt in the continental United States.

Fault Line

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