Teh Dino! (dinogrrl) wrote in wtf_nature,
Teh Dino!

Barbourula kalimantanensis

Otherwise known as the frog that has no lungs.

These Bornean frogs have been known for about 30 years, but because of the difficulty in finding and catching them (they're small and live in very cold water), too few specimens have existed in collections for anyone to risk dissecting, so no one knew they were lungless until recently.

I couldn't find much more info about these guys (I couldn't even find a picture!). Hopefully there'll be more stuff out there in the coming months.

EDIT: Photo found! http://www.livescience.com/php/multimedia/imagedisplay/img_display.php?s=animals&c=&l=on&pic=080407-lungless-frog-02.jpg&cap=The+first+lungless+frog+has+been+discovered+lurking+in+the+jungles+of+Borneo.+Credit%3A+David+Bickford&title=
Tags: amphibians, frog
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