Chaos Rah (chaosrah) wrote in wtf_nature,
Chaos Rah


What looks like a cross between a wolf and a zebra?

An aardwolf!!

Like the aardvark, they enjoy eating tasty termites! They are very specialized for this purpose, as 90% of their diet is made up of a single species of termite! They are able to hear the clicks that termite's jaws make as they chew away at their woody food-stuffs, and then the aardwolf comes in and licks them up! They also burrow in holes dug out by aardvarks, which the aardvarks make  while hunting for termites themselves.

Aww, pups

Wikipedia says more about these interesting little things I never heard of until today in my animal behavior class.
Tags: hyena, mammal, predator, termite
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