Princess Kookoobananas (crassy) wrote in wtf_nature,
Princess Kookoobananas


Last week, as I was innocently making food, I noticed the following in between the glass panels in my microwave. I thought I would share it here.

Sorry about the camera was not co-operating and the glare from the glass made it a bit difficult.

Originally I saw this and wasn't sure if it was bug sex or if one was eating the other

This is upon closer inspection...

A few minutes later I looked again (after throwing out (and up) my food, and this was happening

Close up

At this point I realised that cockroaches shed their exoskeleton. I had no idea because they creep me out so I try to stay away from them as much as possible. I was fascinated yet grossed out at the same time. I can handle bugs and such, but roaches give me the heebies. Shortly after I took this photo, the cockroach disappeared. I looked everywhere for it and didn't find him until 30 minutes later.

You can see he went from white to a brownish colour. S/he also squished back down to normal cockroach size/shape (well normal for Australia...we just don't grow roaches like this in Canada). I was so grossed out, but very fascinated in this whole process.
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