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Slime Molds <3

I love fungi. Mushrooms are awesome.. those huge webs, the interesting underground life and world of fungi and mold is just incredibly facinating.
Don't belive me? meet the

Fisrt they start as a spore, then they turn into ameboid and try to find a mate, and if they go into a puddle they grow a tail and swim and when it dries they turn into an ameba again, when they have found a mate that is opposite sex of some of the over 400 genders(I'm not kidding!) they turn into a feeding mode that grows and grows, then settles and sends spores

Scientists have been wondering a long time WHAT this creature is. A fungus, plant or animal-like ameba? and I think they have now decided to make them their own group.. which is a bizarre one indeed.

Their ameba-form is too tiny to be seen but the feeding blob is visible to us. Here's a site with pretty pictures:

Yes indeed, those things move. Slowly, but surely. They are like some sort of alien slime that you've seen in Star Trek
Oh, and did I mention they have intelligence! Here's a previous post about it:
they also know how to beat the labyrinth test here's a link to the test and more info:
it's under the "A-mazing slime mold"

These animals.. fungi.. uhh.. things can live on many different surfaces like wood, ground, plants and human beings.
Don't worry, you'll get it only if you live where those african bloodsucking flies live and you don't protect yourself. They live in the flies spit and transfer when they bite. If I recall correctly they also kill the fly after awhile.

And here's a pic of the one that's most common where I live. Because I like them.

It's full of goo. and it's bright pink :D and completely harmless to humans

Ps. I got three words for you: Dog's Vomit Fungi

aaaaand I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. In my honest opinion these are the most interesting things on earth and we don't even know much abot them yet.. mysterious!
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