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bait in the wolf trap

Space! It's uh, kinda big.

The last post on space reminded me of my visit to the Rose Center for Earth and Space, and during its grand opening they showed the most amazing planetarium exhibition I have ever seen, a show called Passport to the Universe. It's a series on our relative location in the known universe, complete with stunning visuals, and I wish I could find some videos or something. I am a huge science fiction geek and let's just say it blew my mind.

Anyway, after I went raving on about that, someone sent me this little series on our relative size in the universe, and I thought we might enjoy it. Watch it all the way through, it just keeps getting better:

Edit: a neat if not a little wtf for unrelated reasons in the middle, video on the idea. Watch it to see what that horking huge picture down there is all about:

The end of this video makes me well up a little. It's incredible. And here it is, said image of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. I'm sorry to do this to you, but after that you can understand why the size is appropriate:

Look at that, all of that is what exists in the empty spaces in the sky. Every dot, every "grainy" spot or smear is a galaxy with millions and millions of stars in it, with some stars as large as the largest star in that gif up there and some as small as ours.

I think my brain is trying to crawl out my ears just trying to fully absorb the scale of it all. It's gorgeous, awe-inspiring even.
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