Phoebe (knowlespole) wrote in wtf_nature,

Someone suggested I crosspost this request to here.

I just spent an obscene amount of time looking through [info]wtf_inc's old posts, trying to find an entry where someone posted a picture of a gigantic spider-looking thing on a trash can. It looked like a huge, HUGE hermit crab without a shell.

The reason I'm actually looking for this is because someone commented with a picture of a huge fucking spider. I remember the girl said it was from Australia- it was a big black spider maybe with some white specks on it, and it took up like half the door it was perched on. I tried googling Australian spiders, but nothin' doin'.

If anyone could either find that wtf-post or a picture of the spider I'm talking about, it sure would be SWELL.

edit: Y'all are so whack. It turns out that comment was not made in that post, which makes me sad. I have no idea how I could have gotten them so mixed up. I haven't found the picture, so if anyone does, THX

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