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Non-Newtonian Fluid

A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid in which the viscosity changes with the applied strain rate. As a result, non-Newtonian fluids may not have a well-defined viscosity. (Wikipedia)

Basically, it's a fluid that appears liquid until you put strain on it, then it becomes almost solid-like. Sounds super scientific, right? Maybe, but you can still make your own non-Newtonian fluid in your kitchen. Called an oobleck, a simple mixture of cornstarch and water displays these properties. If you stick your finger in and try to pull it out, it will be like pulling your finger out of a Chinese finger trap. If you move slowly, it's a lot easier to pull it out. Heck, you can run across an oobleck, but if you stop, you'll sink. See the video under cut.

So that's how Jesus did it...
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