eurasia! sia! sia! sia! (codestothestars) wrote in wtf_nature,
eurasia! sia! sia! sia!

i'm arachnaphobic, and even i think these things are supercool.

i saw one of these in australia. it was really small (about a half-inch in diameter) but so fucking pretty. and therefore it bothered me a lot less than the golden orb weaver, which we seemed to see EVERYWHERE and ranged in size from huge to FUCKING MASSIVE.. (totally harmless, i was assured, but it was larger in diameter than my 6'2" dad's hand span.)

ANYWAY. jewel spiders. or, should i say, COOL spiders.

i believe this was the genus i saw in australia?

and that guy's just awesome.

plus, a video of one building a web.

Tags: arachnid, spider, spider web, video
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