Shadow Munster :B (acid_shadow) wrote in wtf_nature,
Shadow Munster :B

A hen has laid green eggs in Mexico

Hey there! Long time stalker, first time post. I usually have stuff to post, but you guys always beat me to it. ;3 Well, I've got a little something for you, not much but it's something. I wouldn't have taken much notice, but It's apparently baffled scientists and therefore, also getting me. A hen laid some green eggs in Mexico :

( or here: -it's one of the videos on the side, I'll put up more news feeds when I find them.)

There are some chicken species that lay green eggs (the 'Easter hen' I think it's called), but this girl isn't one of them:

So maybe Easter is coming early? I did notice lots of cream eggs in the store! :D I love cream eggs...and kinder-eggs. Yay toys. :B
Tags: bird, chicken, green flash
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