ragey_kins (ragey_kins) wrote in wtf_nature,

Talk about Frogs in your throat

hello everyone im new here.

So my first post will be about Darwin's frog 


Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma darwinii) is a frog native to the forest streams of Chile and Argentina. It is named after Charles Darwin who discovered it on his world voyage, "Voyage of the Beagle", on the HMS Beagle. The most striking feature is the way the tadpoles are raised - inside the vocal sac of the male. The female lays about 30 eggs and then the male guards them for about 2 weeks, until they hatch. Then the male picks up all the survivors and carry around the developing young in their vocal pouch. The tadpoles develop in their baggy chin skin, feeding off their egg yolk. When the tiny froglets have developed (about half an inch) they hop out and swim away.


Tags: amphibian, frog
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